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Image by Annie Spratt

Great Minds, Green Minds. 

The Green Mind explores the intersection of social and environmental advocacy. We take a journey to uncover the actions people are taking around the world to showcase the symbiotic, yet sometimes tumultuous, relationship between people and nature. Your host, Leander Lacy, is a trained environmental social scientist and is a consultant for environmental organizations that are trying to meet both social and ecological outcomes. He has worked on projects around the world exploring the relationship between people and nature. Now he wants to bring his love for this work to you! He will interview experts that are doing work now to build and sustain this critical connection between communities and the Earth.

"Being interviewed by Leander was such a fun experience. He got me thinking about topics that I don't usually have the opportunity to talk about. He had great questions that I was still contemplating the whole next week."

- Elizabeth Schuster


Environmental Economist

"I so enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Leander in a space that honors and lifts up voices that aren't always well represented in green spaces."

- Parker McMullen Bushman


CSU Extension Director,
City and County of Denver

"Being interviewed on the Green Mind Podcast felt like home.  The flow of conversation flowed convivially with intentionality and there were plenty of moments of joy, laughter, and insightful dialogue. "

- Jason Swann


Land Policy Analyst, WRA

Co-Founder, Rising Routes

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