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Environmental Economist

Elizabeth Schuster is an environmental economist with 20 years' experience in community economic development in the United States and internationally. Her aim is to empower organizations to develop creative solutions that support economic development while securing prosperity for communities and nature.  Elizabeth currently lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.

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Colorado State University Extension Director, City and County of Denver

Parker McMullen Bushman's career in the conservation, environmental education and outdoor recreation fields spans over 23+ years. She has a Master of Science in Natural Resources and her work focuses on equity in community engagement of & access to outdoor spaces and strategies for inclusive science communication. Parker’s interest in justice, diversity, equity and inclusion issues developed from her personal experiences facing the unequal representation of people of color in nonprofit and environmental organizations. Parker tackles these complex issues through head on activism and education.

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Co-founder, Inclusive Journeys

Crystal Egli is the co-founder of Inclusive Journeys, a digital platform that helps people of marginalized identities find safe and welcoming spaces to do business and recreate. Crystal is also a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant/trainer. She is a life-long angler and documented her first big game hunt through a video series with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Learn more about Crystal here:

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Land Policy Analyst, WRA & Co-founder, Rising Routes

Jason Swann has gone beyond the stereotypes of what Black people don’t do.  After a long stint in the financial services industry, he dedicated his life to the service of others through adventure, healing, and environmental advocacy. Jason works as a Land Policy Analyst ensuring westerners have equal access to land, wildlife, and water. He also founded Rising Routes, where they envision the world as it might be, empowering action and leadership that will positively impact our collective social, systemic and environmental future.  In his free time, Jason volunteers as the co-leader for Outdoor Afro in Colorado – a network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature.

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